Orchid in the Round

Sometimes when your in a different city and the weather is okay you can find yourself meandering along far from the madding crowd and a long way from the usual tourist attractions and such like. Whilst during a visit the City of Bath, Somerset, UK, I found myself ambling up to an area near Camden Road and a street called Perfect View. Anyway, leaving behind the street called Perfect View, I walked along between a terrace of houses when I saw this round window with an Orchid in it, juxtaposed against the Bath stone walled exterior. ‘And click‘.

Orchid in a white round window.
An Orchid behind the glass of a window


After a day gardening yesterday I have today produced my first, short photo/article page – Old Industrial Unit-River Irwell – for my TinyProject – Manchester & Salford.

Later this afternoon I’m going to a friends place to help them in replacing an Android tablet and/or a Windows 7 notebook PC. I managed to fix these older devices for them temporarily a couples of weeks back, though the notebook’s hardware is failing piecemeal now and the tablet is becoming unusable. Choices, choices and it’s make their mind-up time I’m afraid.

Tomorrow I’m arising at – nearly, for me – the crack of dawn to take my Son-in-Law to the ‘BRI‘ for an operation which should hopefully improve his hearing for him – fingers crossed.

Then home for a morning meeting regarding everyone’s current, favourite topic – ‘GDPR’. Never a dull moment then.

Mead Vale Gas Leak

You know how it goes! I been in the throws of migrating my website and blog from ‘itdm5j21.wordpress.com’ to ‘itdm5j21.me.uk‘.

I managed to get most of the transfer done yesterday and attempted to continue this morning when….. a Public Service Announcement on the radio informs me there’s been a gas leak on the Weston-super-Mare UK, Mead Vale estate – where coincidentally all the gas pipework, mains and feeds to properties, is being replaced! I need to collect my Grandchildren, as Mead Vale School has been evacuated.

Suffice to say, I’ve had lovely company for most of the day, which was an unexpected pleasure. I fired-up(sic) ‘Edubuntu’ on an old PC; so hopefully the children haven’t entirely gone without some learning today. Anyway, they’ve gone home now and notwithstanding it’s *Friday*.

So, a little bit of drama though nothing too serious in the end and for that I’m grateful. I hope you all have a good weekend.
Disclaimer: The gas cans in the photo above are in no way connected with the events in this story.