Hello, ‘photician‘ is my online name and I am Ian Davis. Currently in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK which is junction 21 on the M5 motorway – hence the label or tag ‘itdm5j21‘, picked up from way back and that has stuck.

Fortunately, for me, I was there from the beginning when personal computers and free and open source software(FOSS) happened along. Thankfully this has allowed me to continue with photography throughout thick and thin.
(Reach out to the FOSS community: thanks for all the wonderous things you create)

So, a long time ago then, I moved on from borrowing my Dad’s 35mm ‘Practina’ film SLR and to, eventually, Mamiya medium format(645); developing my own films and processing them into prints in my darkroom. Nowadays I’m into, so called, digital photography, in the main shooting locally, with ‘APS-C’ & ‘Full Frame’ DSLR camera systems.

Finally, I’m grateful for all those people who pass back, into the photographic market, excellent quality used gear which is as new and may even have had very little use. Indeed this has enabled myself and others to pursue an interest when we, perhaps, otherwise may not have been able so to do.

I can also be ‘found’ on ‘500px’, ‘flickr’ and ‘photonet’ and Mastodon -itdm5j21@photog.social:-

I wish you all good light