Lazy Sunday Afternoon…

Lazy Sunday Afternoon…

As I didn’t venture out yesterday, I made a conscious decision to get out and walk, again, along  Weston-super-Mare Seafront today. I was surprised at how many people were out enjoying the weekend, old, young, families and of course me.
Whilst I took two cameras, these three photos are the ones I want to share with you today and were captured on my Nikon D80 and Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED IF AF-S DX VR .
The  subjects, in the photographs, are all ostensibly engaged in the same activity as was I – namely taking pictures. The difference is, I set out specifically to take pictures whilst for these people it was merely a secondary activity.
[Of course, nonetheless, their photos are every bit as valid as mine]

1. ‘Photo Fit’


This young lady immediately came to my attention as she was running at speed and suddenly came to an abrupt stop, took a photo and was gone in seconds…

2. ‘Three’s a Crowd’


I walked around Anchor Head and these guys were out on the rocks, as the tide was coming in and, well you can see what they then did…

3. ‘Posed for a Photo’

This lady was with a gentleman companion whom she was trying to photograph, as they traversed the causeway. Though after a couple of attempts at complying he just kept on walking; leaving me to take this shot….

I took many other photographs today, though I settled on these for my post. I hope you enjoy them too. 🙂

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