Should've brought 'Wellies'

Apart from some puddles of which some, as you can see in the photo, covered the path completely, the trail looked pretty good for walking along at this point.Gravel Trail path with puddlesSo, progressing along the path it is very similar and at this point I thought – I’m going to be okay in these light weight, trainer style, walking shoes. I won’t bother to go back and change into boots now.Gravel Trail path with a benchA little further on and the path is still very similar and sound. So, I confidently thought, this path probably goes all the way around the lake like this, by the look of it.bridge or overpass over a streamOnly to find that as I come to the first overpass….things start to look quite a bit different as the path changed from a gravelled surface into a natural mud trail!a turn in the with fenceAs the the land was a bit uphill here it was draining down to, indeed through, this level and things really got slimey and wet.ground here is swamped and soddenI pressed on and came to this beautiful view – though it was at this stage I said to myself – “I really should have brought not just boots but Wellington Boots you know”….. Always trying to get away light; wearing the minimum of kit. Will I never learn! 😎

3 thoughts on “Should've brought 'Wellies'

  1. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder Reply

    Nature is beautiful in every way. Nice captures… 🙂

    1. itdm5j21 Reply

      Thank you. 😎

      1. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder Reply

        Welcome… 🙂

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