Orchid in the Round

Sometimes when your in a different city and the weather is okay you can find yourself meandering along far from the madding crowd and a long way from the usual tourist attractions and such like. Whilst during a visit the City of Bath, Somerset, UK, I found myself ambling up to an area near Camden Road and a street called Perfect View. Anyway, leaving behind the street called Perfect View, I walked along between a terrace of houses when I saw this round window with an Orchid in it, juxtaposed against the Bath stone walled exterior. ‘And click‘.

Orchid in a white round window.
An Orchid behind the glass of a window

Curiously Fourth

Curiously Fourth’: As can be seen from the wrist watch the young lady is wearing I took this photo at around half past five in the evening. One of a group of people who appeared to be working on some kind of art installation – a carefully positioned and constructed shiny cube with blue LED patterns embedded into it and about the size of small fridge – began assembling a drone on a mini helipad. After photographs and video of their object were taken out came the drone for aerial imaging. Out of curiosity, I watched and waited until the third rotor was fitted and then pressed the shutter. A simple though attractive study in concentration.

'Fellow' Photographer and Subject

Whilst I was busy photographing Birnbeck’s shoreline and the old Pier down at the waters edge, I had not noticed that these two young ladies had arrived and were cheerfully photographing at the bottom of the ‘beach’ access steps. They were a complete surprise to me and I almost stumbled into them as I made my way out of the cove. Naturally I managed to grab a candid shot or two to record the occasion. I hope they would approve of the resulting black&white image shown here.