Castlefield Curve

A look at the Castlefield Curve or, as it’s named locally, Ordsall Chord railway bridge/viaduct has been added under the ‘Projects’/New Bailey Menu. Why not check out this unique, modern, Salford landmark. View Castle Curve

Orchid in the Round

Sometimes when your in a different city and the weather is okay you can find yourself meandering along far from the madding crowd and a long way from the usual tourist attractions and such like. Whilst during a visit the City of Bath, Somerset, UK, I found myself ambling up to an area near Camden Road and a street called Perfect View. Anyway, leaving behind the street called Perfect View, I walked along between a terrace of houses when I saw this round window with an Orchid in it, juxtaposed against the Bath stone walled exterior. ‘And click‘.

Orchid in a white round window.
An Orchid behind the glass of a window