Castlefield Curve

A look at the Castlefield Curve or, as it’s named locally, Ordsall Chord railway bridge/viaduct has been added under the ‘Projects’/New Bailey Menu. Why not check out this unique, modern, Salford landmark. View Castle Curve

Woodspring Priory Walk project updated

Woodspring Priory Walk‘ project has now been updated with new information and photographs.

If you have already looked at this ‘short walk’ there has now been a worthwhile update both to the information contained within and also, new photographs added to give a much better feel and scope of the area. If you haven’t viewed this project yet, it is well worth a look.

If you can possibly visit Woodspring it is a non-commercialised a very attractive area awaits you. Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing as it is somewhat exposed being on the coast.