It was like 1960 again

Black & White of four young people on stone steps in Prince Consort Garden
I was out at Birnbeck, Weston-super-Mare – down on the beach with my Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18-55 mm; as it was a beautiful afternoon and the tide was on the way out.
I finished my shoot and was on my way back, as I was out of time. Anyway, as I came up the steps into the Prince Consort Garden these guys were busy filming with the Canon DSLR you see in the picture. I was on the next path up and the sun was strong and angled though I thought what the hell and asked if I could take their picture, they agreed.
I just couldn’t help the feeling that I’d been transported back to the 60’s. You know The Kinks, Rollin’ Stones and Marianne… etc. Oh, by the way they did say that they weren’t a band. 🙂
Thanks for the picture guys and I hope you like it.

Your thoughts please