Keeping an Eye on Graffiti

Something came to mind for me a couple of days ago related to the ‘Dismaland'(Banksy) event, held at the Tropicana, W-s-M, 2015…
Since then Weston has had a generally, positive, acceptance of ‘Street Art’. [Not so much its less desirable, anti-social,  counterpart – Graffiti].
Now, though some of the original works have lately been modified and or painted over; with newer works, both derivative and original pieces, covering the faded and weathered earlier works.
All of which has led me to think that: rather than just taking pictures of the whole original work pieces – which is a valuable record in and of itself – what about some derivative photos – from this street artwork? Hence I’m going to add to the site an album with the Title – Keeping an Eye on Graffiti, as at the heading for the post and thus the accompanying mono-toned photo!

Your thoughts please