After a day gardening yesterday I have today produced my first, short photo/article page – Old Industrial Unit-River Irwell – for my TinyProject – Manchester & Salford.

Later this afternoon I’m going to a friends place to help them in replacing an Android tablet and/or a Windows 7 notebook PC. I managed to fix these older devices for them temporarily a couples of weeks back, though the notebook’s hardware is failing piecemeal now and the tablet is becoming unusable. Choices, choices and it’s make their mind-up time I’m afraid.

Tomorrow I’m arising at – nearly, for me – the crack of dawn to take my Son-in-Law to the ‘BRI‘ for an operation which should hopefully improve his hearing for him – fingers crossed.

Then home for a morning meeting regarding everyone’s current, favourite topic – ‘GDPR’. Never a dull moment then.

Your thoughts please