Priory at Woodspring

I had recently taken delivery of a new Sirui P-424SR carbon fibre monopod and to get acquainted with it I went to Kewstoke, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK.
My destination was the 15th century Woodspring Priory, which is somewhat unique and being a virtual a step back in time. The weather was mild for November, cloudy though with some sunshine breaking through now and again. A quiet location with not another soul around, just some sheep and I.

Sheep are weary animals so one has to move quietly and considerately though other than that they don’t mind the intrusion. One also needs to be careful where one treads due to what the livestock deposit and leave behind!

The Priory sits in an enclosed parcel of land next to the Bristol Channel[well, on the other slide of a slope to the river that is] and has, I find, a calming effect. Which is perfect for taking one’s time and using a monopod to good effect. As hopefully you can see in the photographs below.

The Sirui I found is a superbly engineered item of photographic kit, for still and/or video. I’m finding the monopod and detachable stand ideally suit to my mode of photograph taking. 👍😎

A link to Photograph: & 📷👍😎

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