Birnbeck Photo Project

 “Danger of Death – Keep Off!”. The rub of it…

It has become kind of obvious by now that I visit Birnbeck, quite often, well it’s handy for me, living only a mile or so from this part of the coast. The whole area fascinates me; not least because it was once the subject of volcanic activity. There are also local stories, from hundreds of years ago, telling of a Tsunami that more or less wiped out most of the surrounding dwellings. I take many photographs whilst visiting there.

I photograph, in particular, the historical Victorian built Birnbeck Pier – which was at one time commissioned as HMS Birnbeck – Secret weapons research and testing (1941–1946). I do have mixed emotions regarding this site – originally ‘Bearn Back‘ – and the continuing demise of it’s pier. After all, the pier’s perilous state is a major factor in what now makes the subject area so interesting and photogenic; if only to my eyes. I wish it could be preserved in some, preferably useful, form. I believe the Pier’s current owners are striving now to reverse it’s fortunes.

I continue to observe and attempt to record what happens to this truly unique and once dignified landmark and surrounding area. ‘Birnbeck Photo Project’ consists then of albums – Birnbeck IslandBirnbeck Shoreline and Pier – which can also be accessed from ‘albums’ under the main menu. As the project covers the whole of the Birnbeck area, not just the pier itself, I’ll add other items as I can that maybe be of interest.

Birnbeck Pier shuttered with warning sign. 'Danger of Death - Keep Off!'
Danger of Death – Keep Off!

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