Indeed the Town Square Regeneration work has commenced – as of the 1st week of January 2017. There is a renewed desire to show the resort off in the best light and really get people involved.

W-s-M too recognises that more and more the private car is not the only means of transport or even the preferred means for many people in the town as well as some of those seeking to move in to Weston – e.g. there has been a significant fall off in driving test applications year on year. So, a bicycle park has been provided on the seafront.

Once upon a time there was a tramway that ran from Royal Sands at one end of the Promenade right out to Birnbeck Island. Sadly, the tracks were ripped up and overhead cables taken down long ago. Though there is now a ‘land train’ every summer for those that prefer to ride along the promenade only.

As well as a lively and thriving location W-s-M also offers peace and quiet, even more so in the winter months, for those who want it. These photographs then are on the theme of singular, lone pursuits & activities and being at one with the environment that nature provided us and also that we have shaped in Weston-super-Mare!

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  1. Lone Fisherman –
  2. Lone Crow –
  3. Lone Photographer –
  4. Lone Metal Detector –
  5. Single Bicycle –
  6. Man and Power-Washer –

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