Taller Towers – Manchester

Whilst not strictly a New Bailey area photograph this image though was taken from the Quartz Building, The Slate Yard. Thus a photo of Manchester’s opposing towers kind of qualifies to be in my New Bailey ‘TinyProject’

Beetham Tower on the left and Deansgate Complex on the right of the picture.
Beetham Tower about to be outdone by the Deansgate Complex

The Beetham Tower is on the left and until the completion of the Deansgate Complex of towers, on the right, was the tallest tower both in Manchester and outside of London. Deansgate Complex South Tower when complete will take over that mantle.

Beetham Tower in the skyline photographed from a distance
Beetham Tower from New Bailey Side

Even from New Bailey one is very conscious of these towers and can not fail to miss them, as these structures impose themselves into the city’s skyline.

Deansgate Towers from New Bailey Side

Of course none of the above images indicate or show any human aspect to these tower’s development. So, I have included the image below in order to at least record their direct impact, even from an albeit indirect geographical location, on everyday life and how soon we become inured their very presence.

A young lady sits with her shopping bag on a stone block street furniture seat completely oblivious to the towering vista behind her
A young lady sits with her shopping completely oblivious to the towering vista behind her