Woodspring Priory Walk

Woodspring Priory Walk is a short description, with photos, of a short walk! Another of my tiny projects – this is something I’ve been working on over a few days and is kind of a photo essay – well a first page anyway.

Being as I very much enjoy visiting Sandpoint, Middle Hope, Woodspring and Kewstoke; an area on the English southwest bank of the Bristol Channel, I tend to visit with my cameras quite often though infrequently.
Having recently become the proud owner of a Sirui monopod, I have been motivated again to go revisit Woodspring with a view to photographing the Priory from a different perspective. One that attempts to take in the Priory’s character, style, and surroundings.

A history which commenced some time in the 15th century, up to today where one can see the changes the original building has under gone simply by looking at the additions, alterations and restyling.

A peaceful, beautiful, almost unspoilt and out of the way place with sheep grazing in the garden or pasture among the few remaining trees. There is a small museum on site, though with restricted opening times only and a couple of all year round holiday homes too. I hope you enjoy my blog post and webpage of this gorgeous part of Weston-super-Mare.

Your thoughts please