Woodspring Priory Walk

Woodspring Priory, Middle Hope and the Bristol Channel

The Priory at Woodspring, 18th November 2018, Kewstoke, Weston-super-Mare
Starting at the rear of Woodspring Priory, showing the tower,
on a cloudy November’s day. Then going around the side shown to the front.

The almost ageless and peaceful Woodspring Priory originally dates from the 15th century. Nestled into the corner of a field at the end of Woodspring Lane, next to Woodspring Farm and on the opposite side of  Middle Hope to the Bristol Channel, Kewstoke, Weston-super-Mare.

Walking back from Woodspring Priory [front is on left of photo],
back along  past the side as viewed from the lane. (Note the lean of the Priory.)
A country land with a wooden five bar gate in the distance and golden autumn leaves on the trees

On leaving the Priory behind, you walk back along this road and past the five bar gate for a few yards and then turn left onto the track with the National Trust sign for Middle Hope.

The National Trust Middle Hope sign, painted silver with distinctive leaf emblem in green. An a small metal bridge in the background on the left.

Then towards Hucker’s Bow [see below] and over the rhyne across the temporary metal bridge to the left and up the incline, minding the sheep grazing there, and onto Middle Hope.

Photo of a Environment Agency public information poster as displayed a Hucker's Bow whilst work proceeds.

Hucker’s Bow falls within National Trust Land. Normally, one would be allowed to drive a vehicle down this track and park for free in the National Trust car park . However, as per the photo of a Environment Agency public information poster as displayed at Hucker’s Bow whilst work proceeds. shown left [taken 18th November 2018, when this work should be nearing completion] there is – unfortunately, earlier than expected a government funded £2M project under way to  replace and upgrade the existing tidal outfall; which protects some 60 plus caravans and nearly 300 homes from the sea. It should be remembered that the tidal range in the Britol Channel – rise and fall of the tide – is on average eight meters.

The view to your right, with the edge of Clevedon in the distance,
as you walk up the steep incline on to Middle Hope 
 a a single track worn in the grass heading to a private road with an old broken down Stone wall beyond.

Carry on walking ahead and you come to an old walled area – which was shrouded in secrecy back in the day as it was a military research, munitions testing and firing range!

Part of a single track with an old broken down Stone wall on the right and the Bristol Channel in the background.

After a minute or two more of walking, depending on how energetic one feels, you reach the point where the Bristol Channel in all it’s glory comes into view.

You can then walk towards Sandpoint and up one of the small peaks and turn to see this beautiful view of the Middle Hope, The Bristol Channel and Woodspring Priory

View from Sandpoint, looking towards Clevedon in the distance. The Bristol Channel is on the left and Woodspring Priory is on the right in the distance.
Middle Hope with Woodspring Priory[right] and the Bristol Channel[Left] from Sandpoint

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